Deadline for abstract submission: November 20th, 2019

The abstracts will be published in a supplement of the Acta Medica Marisiensis.

Only original papers are accepted.

One first author is allowed to submit maximum two presentations.

Formal requirements:

- language: English

- length: 100-300 words

- number of authors: maximum 7

- structure: introduction/objectives, material and methods, results, conclusions,

- keywords: 3-5

Registration fee:

- 50 lei for the first author

- 10 lei for the second author (must be paid only once regardless of the number of papers submitted)

The registration fee shall be paid at the University Cashier's office with the specification: "Pentru sesiunea științifică a cadrelor didactice"

The payment orders will be submitted to the Vicerector's for Research office (contact person - Mrs. Crina Apoltan).

The event is credited by the Romanian College of Physicians/Pharmacists/Dentists. The participation certificates will be issued only if the participation fee is paid.