9.30-12.00 UROLOGY

Sala de demonstrații a clinicii de urologie


Moderatori / Chairpersons: Prof.dr. Martha Orsolya, Șef lucrări dr. Porav-Hodade Daniel

Secretar /Secretary: Șef lucrări dr. Nechifor-Boilă Ioan Alin


Management of OAB in frail elderly patients

Orsolya Mártha


Renal supraselective artery embolization in patients with arterial fistula after percoutaneous nephrolithotomy (PNCL). A chance to avoid the nephrectomy.

Porav-Hodade D, Marginean L, Todea-Moga C, Martha Orsolya Katalin Ilona


Bladder explosion during transurethral resection of bladder tumor: a rare complication

Nechifor-Boila IA, Ghirca Veronica, Kosza H, Martha Orsolya, Chibelean C


Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) protocol for radical cystectomy patients: improving postoperative outcomes

Chibelean C, Nechifor-Boila IA, Martha Orsolya


Lower urinary tract dysfunctions in patients with diabetes

Ghirca Veronica, Chibelean C., Porav-Hodade D., Todea C., Nechifor Boila A., Amota Orsolya, Martha Orsolya


Laparoscopic pyeloplasty for ureteropelvic junction obstruction (case report)

Todea C., Martha Orsolya, Ghirca Veronica, Balan D., Friedl A, Popescu C, Porav-Hodade D.


The role of ESWL in the treatment of lithiasis in renal duplication

Brad A, Todea C, Ghirca Veronica, Vida O, Chibelean C, Porav D, Martha Orsolya


Incidence of testosterone deficiency in an outpatient cohort

Tataru OS, Vartolomei Liliana, Sin Anca, Martha Orsolya, Vartolomei MD


Risk factors and its predictive value in prostate cancer diagnosis at prostate biopsy

Vida ÁO, Balan D, Brad A, Ghirca Veronica, Porav-Hodade D, Todea-Moga C, Martha Orsolya